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How to Verify Your Account on Headway

How to Verify Your Account on Headway

Account verification is an important step on your trading path. Everybody has to go through verification if they want to withdraw their trading profits. Let’s see what you should do if you want to get verified on Headway.

What is account verification?

Account verification is a crucial step that helps us confirm the identities of our clients to ensure the security of their accounts. It also prevents unconscionable clients from using someone else’s identity and committing financial fraud.

We understand that you want to start trading as soon as possible. That is why it only takes 1 minute to submit a request for verification. And it helps us protect you and other customers from potential fraudsters.

Note that If you already have a verified NOVA account, you do not have to verify your Headway account, and vice versa.

Documents for verification

To verify your account, you need to go to your Personal Area and click Verify your account in the Activities tab. You can also do this by going to your Profile and clicking Verify now under your name.

Next, you will need to fill in your personal information in your verification request.

Once you are finished, you will have to upload a high-quality photo or a scan of your document (a passport or government ID) to complete verification. The image(s) must be clear and meet the following requirements:

  • Show your full name,
  • Show your photo,
  • Show your date of birth,
  • Show the document’s number,
  • Confirm that you are 18 or older,
  • Show that the document was issued by the government,
  • Be clear and of high quality,
  • Be valid (at least one month of validity) and not expired,
  • Include both sides of the document (if some information, like your date of birth, is indicated on the back side of your document),
  • Include all four edges of the document.

Where can I check my verification status?

You can check your current verification status in your Personal Area. Click on your user icon in the upper right corner of the screen to go to your Profile page. You will see your verification status under your name. You will also get an email notification about your status change from our team.

Why do I have to reapply for verification?

If you receive an email stating that your verification is rejected, you need to apply for verification again. Most of the time, you either made a mistake while filling in your personal information or there was an issue with the file you had uploaded.

Here are some of the most common reasons for verification rejection:

Type Rejection reasons How to fix it
Quality of the photo/scan 1. Poor image quality
2. Edited image
3. The corners of the document are not visible
Please retake the photo of your document(s) ensuring it is of high quality and all information is clearly visible and discernable. 

Avoid editing the photo and ensure all corners of the document are visible.

If needed, choose a different format for the document. Reupload the photo.

Issues with the document 1. Lacking required information
2. Expired/invalid
3. Damaged
Please ensure that all necessary documents are uploaded for verification. 

Check the requirements carefully as some documents may lack the required information. For example, if your government ID does not have your date of birth, upload an additional document that has it (e.g. your birth certificate).

Additionally, if the uploaded document is expired, invalid, or damaged, replace it with a valid and undamaged document.

Issues with the provided information 1. Missing pages
2. Missing full name, date of birth, and/or document number
3. Missing a recognizable photo of the owner
4. The country/region is different from where your profile is registered
5. Your age is less than 18
Please ensure that the re-uploaded document includes both the front and back pages, along with all required information such as full name, date of birth, document number, and a recognizable photo of the owner’s face.
Additionally, make sure the document is from the correct country or region where your profile is registered.

Note that any financial decision requires experience and maturity. To ensure the safety of younger people, we do not allow people under 18 to use our platform.

How to verify your bank card

After the account verification is complete, you can start making deposits. However, if you plan to make withdrawals with your bank card, you will need to verify it. Verifying your bank card is important to ensure that no one else can withdraw your money and that the card you are using has not been stolen.

Go to the Money section in your Personal Area. Next, you will have to attach a photo of your card in the My Cards tab. It will appear after you make a successful deposit with your card. 

The photo must show the first 6 and the last 4 digits of your card. You will also have to attach a picture of the back side of your card with the CVV code hidden. 

This important procedure lets us know that the money you withdraw really goes to your bank account.

Verify your Headway account now

If you still have not done it, send a verification request. It will only take a few minutes, and then you will unlock the full potential of Headway. Start now →

Should you have any questions, contact our Customer Care team via [email protected], in the app, or the live chat on the website.

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